When You Find Out Who Trump Is Consulting For His Sec. Of State Choice, Your Blood Will BOIL

Like most folks, Donald Trump spent the last few days vacationing for the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. However, as president-elect, this also meant ongoing discussion about cabinet positions. As we all know by now, the Trump camp is openly fighting over whether Trump should choose utterly unqualified and temperamentally unfit loyalist Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, or qualified but harsh Trump critic Mitt Romney to be Secretary of State.

Well, clearly in over his head and at his wit’s end, Trump is going a most unusual route to make this incredibly important diplomatic choice by asking his Thanksgiving dinner guests who he should choose for this top cabinet job. Among those asked for their opinions on the Secretary of State pick include felon and boxing promoter Don King and ageing romance novel cover boy Fabio.

According to sources from the party, The Donald and his rag tag team of celebrity guests turned makeshift political operatives continued the reality show circus that they have turned our presidential transition process into, and Fabio was actually, quote, “asked for pictures nearly as often as Trump himself.” The source continued:

“Donald was walking around asking everybody he could about who should be his secretary of state. There was a lot of criticism about Romney, and a lot of people like Rudy. There are also many people advocating for [former US ambassador to the UN] John Bolton.”

This is outrageous. While I am no fan of Mitt Romney personally, at least he isn’t a lunatic, an open racist, misogynist, or white supremacist like Trump and the rest of his current picks are, and he won’t go off the rails and damage our relationships with foreign governments in the way that Trump and others in his camp are already doing. We should all be outraged by this. We have literal lunatics, a band of celebrities and reality stars starting to run the government.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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