Watch Out For This: Desperate Conservatives Create This Meme To Try Tricking People Into Not Voting

Be careful folks. Most of us know that we shouldn’t believe everything we happen to see on social media, but remembering that is more important than ever. A new meme, created by desperate conservatives, is trying to trick people into not voting.

Donald Trump is inciting hysteria among his supporters with claims that the election is “rigged” against him, but it seems to be right-wingers who are doing everything they can to rig the election. It wasn’t enough to promise that Trump’s goons will be patrolling polling places to watch for voter fraud. Now they have resorted to tricking voters.

Conservatives have stooped to a new low by circulating a meme that appears to support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and calls on liberal voters to cast their ballots online to make sure Donald Trump is defeated in November’s election.

For the record, you CANNOT vote online. Not in any state in the country. It is NOT an option. “Online voting” does not exist. End of story. You absolutely cannot vote online by typing in a candidate’s name with a hashtag on election day. It just doesn’t work that way.

Election Day is November 8. If you are unsure how to go about voting, you can go to to make sure you are registered and find your polling location as well as find out more information about early voting and absentee ballots.

In the meantime, be wary of bullsh*t like this.

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