WATCH: Hillary Ad Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Foreign Policy As ‘CHAOS’

A new ad released by the Clinton campaign on Thursday making fun of Donald Trump’s laughably bad attempts at discussing foreign policy. The, posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets is titled “Chaos” and is one minute of cringe-inducing idiocy from the Republican nominee.

In the video, Donald Trump says that giving nuclear weapons to Japan and Saudi Arabia is a good idea, he dismisses our ties with Britain, our closest ally in the world and he sucks up to Russian and North Korean dictators Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. The video ends with two security experts explaining how Donald Trump’s attacks on Muslims have already made America less safe.

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All set to a clownish theme song that fits Trump’s  campaign perfectly.

Watch the video here:

“Chaos” is the perfect description for Donald Trump. He literally has no idea what he’s doing. He spews nonsense with authority and assumes that no one will tell him to his face that he sounds like a buffoon. This, I wager, is a result of years of being surrounded by Yes Men that only tell him what he wants to hear.

Sadly for Trump, Hillary Clinton is under no obligation to cater to Trump’s monumental ego so he’s in for a rough ride that’s only just getting started.

Featured image via screencap.

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