Trump Whines On Twitter That ‘Meet The Press’ Is ‘Biased’ Against Him

Donald Trump loves to whine. He also cannot stand to be criticized in any way. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he has banned numerous credible media outlets from his campaign events because he does not like what they have to say about him and his campaign. It seems that Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd is now the target of The Donald’s ire.

On Sunday, Chuck Todd interviewed GOP Senator Tom Cotton, who is a Trump supporter. The problem, though, was that Sen. Cotton seemed to be unable to say just why Donald Trump is such a great choice for president. Todd grilled Cotton on his inability to do anything but make a case against Hillary Clinton, but not for Donald Trump. Of course, watching his own press like the narcissist that he is, Trump went right to Twitter and tweeted:

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The people get it, alright, Mr. Trump. We get that your own party can’t even make a good, policy-based case as to why we should hand you the keys to the nukes. You can find all the faults that you like with Hillary Clinton, but she is qualified and you are not. Hillary Clinton has been a senator, she has been First Lady, and she has been Secretary of State. However, here are a few reasons, you, sir, are most definitely NOT qualified:

  • You are an unrepentant bigot
  • Your foreign policy ‘ideas’ include abandoning NATO, ordering the military to commit war crimes, and picking fights with America’s allies
  • Your temperament alone – the unhinged rants and personal feuds – render you unqualified to hold the keys to the nuclear codes
  • You are clearly ignorant of the U.S. Constitution, and many of your plans violate that document

There’s no reason that you should be president, ever. It would be a travesty and a worldwide catastrophe. That is what the people get.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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