Trump Takes Ugly Dig At Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Proves He Has No Right To Be President

Even as pundits are hypocritically criticizing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for stating that “President” Donald Trump would be a disaster for the country, Trump is proving her right by throwing one of his patented hissy fits.

In response to Ginsburg accurately pointing out how unfit Trump is, Trump was shocked and offended and suggested that she apologize and retire sooner than later. That, in and of itself, wouldn’t be TOO bad. Ginsburg did call him out. Sure, it would have been more presidential to ignore it but at least Trump didn’t turn it into another pointless and painfully public feud, right?

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If you thought that, you don’t know Trump. After Ginsburg doubled down and called Trump a “faker,” Trump resorted to the petty insults and playground taunting he’s so well-known for:

With just 5 days left to the Republican convention, Donald Trump is publicly accusing a sitting Supreme Court Justice of having diminished mental capacity. I imagine the Republican Party has been frantically calling him all day telling him to “please, for the love of St. Ronnie!, shut the frak up and stop tweeting about Ginsburg.”

But this is the same Trump that spent weeks yelling at a Latino judge, complaining about the Pope, and attacks anyone and everyone that looks at him cross-eyed. If Trump thinks his adoring crowds will cheer him for feuding with a Supreme Court Justice, we’re probably just getting started here.

But even if he decides to let it drop, the nature of the attack is the kind of thing that would disqualify anyone else from running for president. You can complain about a justice waxing politics, but to flat out say that justice is suffering from dementia is an attack on the integrity of the court itself. Combined with Trump’s previous declarations of how he would stomp on the Constitution, it should make anyone wonder how “President” Trump would respond to a SCOTUS ruling he didn’t like. Would he listen? Or, more likely, would he go ahead and do whatever the hell he wants anyway, daring anyone to stop him?

Justice Ginsburg is right; “President” Donald Trump would be a dangerous existential threat to America and the rule of law and the more he speaks, the clearer that fact becomes.

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