Trump Supporter Facing 90-Days In Jail And Probation For Planning To Bomb Muslims

William Celli was a man with a plan. Unfortunately, that plan included bombing Muslims on their way to worship — although law enforcement caught wind of it, and Celli was quickly arrested. Now, according to KRON-TV, Celli has accepted a plea deal that would drop the most serious charges against him although he is still staring down a 90-day jail sentence and probation.

He’s a Trump supporter, too, but that really shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

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“I’m Going to Kill You All”

Like most dangerous and brilliant terrorists whose complex plans will cause suffering to a large group of people, the police picked Celli up on December 20 after witnesses say he yelled, “I’m going to kill you all” while outside of the Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County.

Detectives then searched the home of the 55-year-old self-employed plumber and called in a bomb squad to detonate a suspicious device.

Celli was a frequent abuser of social media, Facebook specifically, where he whined about undocumented immigrants who stole his job, Syrian refugees, Democrats, and insufficiently conservative Republicans (read: anyone to the left of Attila the Hun). He would often post long political tirades; enough to make a person long for the day when Facebook had a character limit like Twitter.

In one particular post, he commented that you can “kiss your Christian asses good bye,” in the face of the influx of the Muslim immigrants. Pluralism, clearly, is a concept he couldn’t comprehend.

In another, he said that he would follow Trump to the end of the Earth.

He also seemed to admire Clinton, as well, posting on October 22:

Hillary Would make a great president. If she would commit to what she is hiding. But she has to crucify the president. Then her run for the White house is over.

In exchange for making a guilty plea to the civil rights violation, Prosecutors dropped the charge of making criminal threats, with a hate crime enhancement.

The plea deal that Celli accepted would forbid him from having a Facebook account for an unspecified period. He also agreed to take anger management courses, and the court imposed criminal protection orders against him, as well.

Expect to see this a lot more before and after election day. Celli won’t be the only one; we’ve already seen Trump’s supporters aren’t scared of violence — in part because fascists tend to thrive on it.

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