Trump Reveals The ‘Little Guy’ He Wanted To Hit ‘So Hard’ At The DNC For Mocking Him (TWEETS)

Donald Tump is well known for being retaliatory, he just loves to “hit” people that show him for what he is, and following the DNC he let everyone know how mad he was, babbling about how he wanted to beat someone up. Now, we know who the “little guy” is that he wants to hit “so hard” is, and the answer is going to make you laugh your ass off.

Oh, waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, Trump. Not only has he praised Bloomberg in the past, there is nothing this tyrannical tycoon could possibly do to Michael Bloomberg — and he knows it. What is he going to do, attack how Bloomberg talks, say he is screaming? Is he going to try to call him “crooked” or “goofy” or just threaten him with lawsuits because his itty bitty feels got hurt?

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It isn’t surprising that Bloomberg’s powerful takedown of Trump as a DNC speaker left Trump crying over what he said; the truth basically always hurts liars. Trump’s whiny response on twitter isn’t shocking either. What would be shocking is if he acted presidential for a minute.

Bloomberg called Trump a “dangerous demagogue,” a “con,” and a hypocrite: all statements well based in facts. Trump called the former Mayor of New York “little,” and gutless, totally based on… um… well, his feelings about Bloomberg telling the truth about him.

As for Bloomberg not knowing anything about him, we all know enough to know he is a disaster for America. What we don’t know is what he is hiding in those tax returns and WHY he would call for Russia’s interference in our political process.

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Those questions are likely to continue going unanswered. But thanks for taking the time again, Mr. Trump, to prove you just aren’t capable of acting like a president, angry orange con man is more your speed and if this tweet is any indication that just isn’t changing.

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