Trump Promises To Turn America’s Military Into A Mafia-Style Protection Racket

Donald Trump continues his impressive streak of finding new ways to embarrass the country before he’s even been officially nominated for president. This time his foreign policy and diplomatic acumen was on full display as he threatened our allies with extortion. And I don’t mean that figuratively.

As reported by Right Wing Watch:

After predicting that Germany and other European countries will collapse due to the refugee crisis, Donald Trump told Michael Savage yesterday that on his very first day as president, he will begin calling the leaders of allied nations to inform them that the U.S. will no longer honor commitments to defend them in case of a military conflict.

Trump said that these allied countries will “have to pay” much more for protection, adding, “What, are we supposed to get into World War III over a country that doesn’t respect us enough to pay what they’re supposed to be paying?”

Seriously, could he sound any more like a cheap thug? This is what he wants to reduce the United States to? The mob? “Hey, Estonia! You’re overdue on your “protection fee.” I hope we don’t have a problem here. It’d be a damn shame if Russia found out that no one was going to help you out if they decide to annex your country. I’m not saying we’d tell Putin ourselves but you know how rumors are….”

This is Trump’s bully mentality writ large. He’s assuming that everyone will fall over to kiss America’s ass no matter how shabbily we treat them. And while that may be true up to a point, Trump’s ignorance and arrogance will take us right past it. The world may need America, but America needs the world just as much.  If we thought the damage George W. Bush did to our international standing was bad, Trump will make us a global pariah.

Oh, and how do you think the troops will feel knowing that they’re being used as leverage to squeeze money out of our allies? Think that’s what they joined the military for? Or will they feel cheap and debased, acting as the hired muscle for a thug?

My heart is simply swelling with patriotism….

Featured image via  Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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