Trump Furious After He’s Banned From Using The NYPD For A Photo Op To Exploit Dallas Tragedy (VIDEO)

The Daily News reports that Donald Trump was rebuffed by the Commissioner of the New York Police Department after the Republican candidate asked for a photo op in the wake of the Dallas tragedy:

On Friday morning a rep from Donald Trump’s Manhattan organization asked the city’s top cop to let the candidate speak to a 3 p.m. roll call at the NYPD Midtown North Precinct. The request came in the wake of the murders of five Dallas police officers Thursday during a protest over police shooting.

But Police Commissioner Bill Bratton strongly rejected the idea, which a police source said came from Trump’s head of security Keith Schiller.

Being the truly despicable person that he is, Trump didn’t have a thing to say about two black men being unnecessarily killed by the police with 48 hours of each other but he sure was ready to rush out there and be seen standing with the police when five of them were assassinated. It shows exactly where his priorities lay. And he wonders why he’s losing the black vote by 98% or so…

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But Commissioner Bratton wasn’t having it:

Our interest is staying out of the politics of the moment, and not to provide photo ops,” he told reporters. “If Mr. Trump wants to speak to me, I would be happy to brief him on what we’re doing. If Sen. Clinton wants to speak to me, I would very happy to brief her on what we’re doing. But we are not in the business of providing photo ops for our candidates.

Trump’s campaign is, of course, denying this ever happened because it’s embarrassing for Mr. New York Donald Trump to have been so casually dismissed by the NYPD. Also, lying is their default setting so no surprise there. It’s just as well Trump was turned down. Had he been allowed near a microphone, he absolutely would have said something horrifically racist and we have enough tension in this country as it is.

Let’s hope Trump keeps his mouth shut for a least a few days.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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