These Political Cartoons From Around The World Show What A Joke Trump Is Making Of The USA (IMAGES)

Donald Trump is a national embarrassment. There’s no way to sugarcoat it; he’s the crazy uncle we failed to keep hidden at Thanksgiving dinner. He is a crass, uncouth jackass we would love to say doesn’t belong to us. If he had dual citizenship somewhere we’d lobby to send him back.

Unfortunately, he is an American, which means he is our problem. His stupidity is born of American ego; his bigotry of American ignorance. There is nothing about Donald Trump that we can deny, other than that most of us feel the same way about him the rest of the world does. Hopefully, that will be enough for us to keep some of the respect President Obama has worked so feverishly to build after eight years of our last national embarrassment, George W. Bush.

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As a bonus pinch of salt to rub in our wounds, political cartoonists from around the world have weighed in on how they see the Republican party’s likely nominee for the most powerful office in the world:

Riber Hansson (Sweden): 

Schot (The Netherlands):

Paul Zanetti (Australia):

Patrick Chappatte (International New York Times):

Christo Komarnitski (Bulgaria):

Arcadio Esquivel (Costa Rica):

(courtesy of Cagle Cartoons / 2016)

Emad Hajjaj (Jordan):

Paresh Nath (UAE):

Osmani Simanca (Brazil):

(courtesy of Cagle Cartoons / 2016)

Dario Castillejos (Mexico):(courtesy of Cagle Cartoons / 2016)

Manny Francisco (Manila):

Hopefully, the Republicans will be able to successfuilly block this buffoon from securing the nomination and tossing America onto the world’s joke pile.

All images courtesy of Cagle Cartoons/


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