The Woman Who Trump Tried To ‘Grab By The P*ssy’ Speaks Out

Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell is breaking her silence and finally speaking out about being objectified by Donald Trump and former Access Hollywood colleague Billy Bush in the recently leaked 2005 recording. As it turns out, she was the “Nancy” Trump was referring to in the recording, according to Access Hollywood.

After it was revealed that O’Dell was the one being degraded in the disgusting recording, she released this statement:

“Politics aside, I’m saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all. When I heard the comments yesterday, it was disappointing to hear such objectification of women. The conversation needs to change because no female, no person, should be the subject of such crass comments, whether or not cameras are rolling. Everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender. As a woman who has worked very hard to establish her career, and as a mom, I feel I must speak out with the hope that as a society we will always strive to be better.”

Trump and Billy Bush, who was her colleague at the time, saw nothing wrong with their so-called “locker room banter.” The discussion on the bus was inappropriate and crass, though not a far stretch from what I would expect from Trump.

“I moved on her. Actually, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and f**k her. She was married.”

Trump sure knows the way to a woman’s heart. “Grab them by the p*ssy?” Really? Sorry, not sorry, Trump is a total scumbag! When did sexual assault become hilarious or okay? Sure, both Trump and Bush have since apologized, but this isn’t the first time Trump has said or done something inappropriate regarding a woman. I really hope his supporters wake up and realize that this type of behavior is disgusting and unacceptable for anyone, but especially for someone running for president.

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