The Horrible Photoshop Skills Of The Cruz Campaign Exposed: This Picture Never Happened (IMAGES)

The Ted Cruz campaign has engaged in a dangerous game of trickery that could, if carried too far, end up with Ted Cruz himself sitting in a pile of Donald Trump’s poop. 1279 choppers just went into overdrive to provide that image for the comments section.

It seems Cruz’s latest attack on Marco Rubio comes with a front-cover image of the junior senator from Florida looking starry-eyed as he shakes the hand of President Obama, who is gazing slightly away in a stoic manner reminiscent of the opening credits of The West Wing:

Phony and deceitful are staples of the Republican party. They don’t win things anymore, they just take them. Whenever and wherever possible. This tactic was immediately defended by the Cruz campaign who said the Senator Rubio had to pay for his stance on immigration. Period. So, then, apparently, because no good reason, the Cruz campaign is allowed to switch heads from bodies at will to create meetings that never happened and pass them off as real because Mexicans.

How long before each campaign begins “depicting” their feelings about others by plucking meme material out of thin air? That is exactly what happened here, too. The image has already been attributed to this stock image in what appears to be fairly indisputable evidence, other than the ridiculous looks on their faces:

Oh so now they didn’t have a historic meeting on the steps of the Capitol building? But…it’s right there in…some kind of artsyish black and white that almost looks like professionally created graphics. Well shiver me timbers, it’s fake. Just like Ted Cruz and everything about him.  How does the Cruz campaign respond? With a simple admission that Marco Rubio is bad for America:

Of course Marco Rubio is throwing a fit because he’s ashamed of his liberal record of standing with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama to try to pass amnesty,” said Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler. “And let’s not let Rubio’s dirty campaign tactics get a free pass here — Rubio is having his supporters crash opponent events and tape literature inside women’s bathroom stalls, and his campaign is running intentionally misleading statewide robocalls. Again, Rubio will do anything to distract away from his liberal record.

The gloves are off and so are restrictions anything that would have in the past been considered unethical or just plain against the rules. Republicans: Making it up as it suits them since Reagan.

Featured image via Twitter

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