Republican Hitman Darrell Issa Is Screwed Because Of Donald Trump

Congressman Darrell Issa has been one of the biggest thorns in the sides of Democrats for years. The California Republican (yeah, they apparently have some of those) has launched investigation after investigation after investigation, costing Americans millions of dollars. Unfortunately, after seven re-elections and the last two by landslide margins, it seemed like we had no chance in Hell of ever getting rid of him this year — until now.

According to The Orange County Register:

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[Issa’s] support for Donald Trump could undermine this year’s bid. The Republican edge in his two-county district’s voter registration is shrinking. And his Democratic opponent’s background as a Marine colonel holds particular appeal in a district that includes and surrounds Camp Pendleton.

In the 2012 and 2014 primaries, Issa prevailed by at least 30 percentage points. In June, he beat Democrat Doug Applegate by a relatively modest 5.3 percentage points. That’s less than the GOP’s 8.4-point advantage in voter registration – an advantage that has shrunk from 10.7 points since the beginning of the year.

Apparently, it’s not just Issa’s perpetual congressional investigations (the ones that never result in anything) that have put his seat in danger for the first time in more than a decade, it’s also his endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The billionaire loudmouth has become increasingly more unpopular in recent weeks, especially with conservative Republicans. A recent CBS poll found that 21 percent of self-identified conservatives say they’d rather vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump. The Register reports:

Trump’s low likability rating could rub off on Issa, who introduced Trump at a San Diego rally, was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention and who spoke supportively of Trump during his visits with California, Illinois and North Carolina convention delegations.

Meanwhile, Issa’s campaign have their blinders on and are pretending there is nothing to see here. Campaign Spokesman Calvin Moore said that Trump’s unpopularity is going to have no bearing on Issa’s re-election bid and “Congressman Issa won an actual election just a few weeks ago by more than 10,000 votes, and we have every bit of confidence he’ll do it again in November.” It’s hard to believe that the constituents in an area with one of the biggest military bases in the country aren’t paying attention to Issa’s ties to a man who has repeatedly attacked the military, a Gold Star family and veterans like John McCain — but, if Issa’s campaign wants to ignore that, it’s perfectly fine with us.

It may seem like a long shot, but Doug Applegate may finally be the Democrat who will kick Issa’s to the curb.

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