Rape Shamers: Women On Welfare Send Men To Prison So They Can Get Free Abortions (SCREENSHOTS)

Conservative rape-shamers are joining in with the hateful Facebook page “Stop Hillary in 2016” to show their dislike for taxpayer-funded abortion.

In a despicable showing of comradery amongst the ignorant, fans of the page have been showing their support for the cause of hating rape victims by making this meme viral:

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Yeah…okay…super, but there’s one little issue with that statement; it’s total B.S.

The only time taxpayers “pay” for a woman to have an abortion is when the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape. Women who choose to end a pregnancy of their own volition are responsible to pay for it.

This incredibly insensitive meme suggests that rape victims are to blame, because as the right-wing has been pushing lately, “date rape” or “drunken rape” are the woman’s own fault.

To further minimize the plight of women who are victims of rape, conservatives just love to throw around the 1 percent statistic: Only 1 percent of abortions are the result of rape.

If that’s the case, why in the world are you so worried about paying for it?

The kind of people who get behind these pseudo “issues” are the bottom of the barrel who leave comments like these:


Well, that is some kind of classy. There are no real rape victims. They’re all looking for that free ride conservatives think exists where you get to live in the lap of luxury off of $536 a month and $6 a day in food stamps while your “baby daddy” goes to jail because you’re a dishonest ho.


Once again, they manage to combine rape victims with welfare recipients. Apparently, only the poor fake being raped. Those poor people shouldn’t have access to contraceptives, either. Otherwise, how will they complain about them having too many babies?


Oh my. First they’re drunks and now they’re smoking crack. It seems to me that we could eliminate rape in America altogether if we can figure out a way to get these women some help.


Of course you don’t. You stay classy, now.

It wasn’t long ago that this type of rhetoric would have been unheard of. Unfortunately, social media has allowed “true patriots” to disagree with anything reasonable people agree with.

All images are public posts on the Facebook page Stop Hillary in 2016 | Featured Image: Galleryhip

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