P*ssed About Being Moved To The Kiddie Table, Rand Paul Flips Off The Media

Libertarians are supposed to be strong, rugged individualists, but they sure come across as whiny little brats sometimes. The backstory here is simple. The Fox Business Network selected participants for the most recent presidential debates based on poll numbers. They allowed the top seven most popular candidates to sit at the big table while the remaining contenders were relegated to what they call the “undercard” debate, the kiddie table.

The network released the criteria for debate selection in December and the rules were very clear. Rand Paul simply did not make the cut based on the polls that were released by Fox’s deadline. Rand and his supporters are claiming a Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll shows he either beat or tied Jeb Bush’s numbers, which would elevate him to the top-tier debate. However, the Register/Bloomberg poll was released a full 36 hours after the due date. Cue the requests for special treatment and then the kicking and screaming fit when said requests were denied.

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Rand opted to protest this denial by taking his ball and going home, skipping the Fox debate completely. Instead, he played on the outrage for his fans. What followed was a two-day media tour designed specifically to garner sympathy for being demoted from the varsity team. During this pity tour, Rand gave an interview for ABC News Radio. When questioned about the debate fiasco, Rand replied as a stand-in for his base.

“Ninety-nine percent of our supporters are calling in and saying [raising middle finger] for the media, that’s where you can go.”

Using his middle finger to illustrate his point as opposed to perhaps cursing on air, maybe Rand forgot that this was a radio interview. Later that night, Rand held a town-hall style rally from the Twitter headquarters, all by himself.

Image via Twitter screen capture

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