Petulant Child Ted Cruz Whines About Establishment Republicans In An Attempt To Steal Votes From Trump

I don’t know if it is Ted Cruz himself or the people working for him, but someone sure knows how to put a spin on a negative situation. When the presidential candidate was asked about the recent criticisms from fellow GOPers, specifically Bob Dole’s assessment that Donald Trump would be a better choice for nomination, he gave the non-answer:

Right now the Washington establishment is abandoning Marco Rubio, they made an assessment that Marco can’t win this race, and the Washington establishment is rushing over to support Donald Trump. We’re seeing that happen every day and Mr. Trump is welcoming the support of the Washington establishment.

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio hold the top three respective poll positions in the Republican primary. Perhaps Cruz is worried about losing too much of the uneducated Tea Party yokel vote, but he seems determined to paint his two closest competitors as being in cahoots with the Washington elite. Well, one is on his way out, and the outsider’s imagined petitioning is being welcomed with open arms. Regardless, Cruz knows he has to speak to a specific portion of the population and win them back from Donald Trump. When Bob Dole said Trump could:

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…probably work with Congress, because he’s, you know, he’s got the right personality and he’s kind of a deal-maker.

Ted Cruz gave the obviously directed reply about Trump:

If you believe what we need is more deal-making, more going along to get along, use his words, with Harry Reid and Barack Obama and the Democrats, then you can can understand why the establishment is unifying behind him.

In other words, Trump and the establishment Republicans are traitors who make deals with the enemy. This reduction of politics to an “Us versus Them” works wonders with the type of people who live on the far right end of the spectrum. In order to avoid any misconception by his intended audience, and to make it blatantly transparent who he is speaking to, Cruz gave the following assurance:

I’m a Christian first, American second, conservative third and Republican fourth, I’ll tell ya, there are a whole lot of people in this country that feel exactly the same way.

One can’t help but wonder what the reaction to this statement would be if it was uttered by a Muslim or a Jew. There is also an urge to add a few items to Ted’s list, which would include a variety of foul names along with “possibly Canadian” or “maybe Cuban.” Yes, that quote is ripe for mocking and ridicule, but there is a seriousness behind Ted Cruz listing both conservative and Republican. There might be bigger issues at stake when someone has to associate so far right of the established right-wing political party to earn votes. Let’s hope that Cruz is grossly overestimating just how many people do agree with him.

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