OOPS! Trump Caught Meeting With the Russians And Lying About It During 2016 Campaign

There isn’t actually anything wrong with meeting with the Russians. Sometimes people within the US government need to coordinate things with Russia. And back in April of 2016, when Trump met with a Russian diplomat, his meeting wasn’t so much a secret as it was just so uninteresting that it was overlooked.

But since then Trump has begun to parrot the plans and values of the Kremlin and the FBI is investigating him for what could amount to treason against the US and for Russia. Needless to say, people have gotten a bit more observant about Trump’s ties to Russia.

To calm the masses Trump has promised that neither he nor his administration had ever met with Russian officials. Of course, we know that the later part is false. Michael Flynn was dismissed after it became clear he lied about a meeting with the Russians and Jeff Sessions is now under fire for the same reason.

Now it appears that Trump himself also met with a Russian diplomat nearly a year ago. Yet somehow the obscure little meeting has escaped everyone’s attention until just recently. The Wall Street Journal and Newsmax both say that their reporters were privy to the meeting back when it hardly passed for news. And whether or not any actual conspiracies were hatched at that meeting, it still means that Trump lied about the meeting and then went on to fire one of his own cabinet members for doing the exact same thing.

Three instances are enough to establish a pattern. Whether or not it was explicitly stated anywhere, the plan at the Trump campaign, transition team and later administration has always been to meet with whoever they wanted about whatever they thought they could get away with and then to simply lie their way out of it if the press ever caught on. Lastly, the plan was to simply hope that people were dumb enough and distracted enough not to notice. It appears that we are just slightly too observant for that to work any longer.

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