One Simple Photo Sums Up How CARING Obama Is Vs. How SELFISH Trump Is (IMAGE)

For those of us who don’t resident in Crazy Town, the differences between President Obama and Donald Trump are so vastly different that they might as well be in separate universes. One has grace and poise; dignity and humility; government and policy experience; thoughtfulness and insight; insight and gravitas; and empathy, whereas the other is nothing but a self-aggrandizing, thoughtless and lying con man. Just guess who is who.

Donald Trump loves to portray himself as a tough guy who will bomb the shit out of the Middle East, but in reality is a selfish and craven coward. President Obama, whether you like him or not, talks the talk and walks the walk.

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Take, for example ,these two similar photos showing the two men in the rain:

Both images show the two men in the middle of a heavy downpour, but with President Obama toughing it out and Trump selfishly taking cover to protect that thing on his head. Never before has there been a better illustration of the clear-cut differences in the nature of the men. But here’s the kicker: this actually happened, and the image of it has been shared retweeted and liked over 2,000 times.

As far as the origin of the photo, it seems it was taken in August in Tampa, Florida. The woman next to Trump, clearly unprotected by the umbrella, is Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Bondi is notorious for letting Trump off the hook over his totally fraudulent Trump University after he violated federal rules by using his own foundation to buy off Bondi.

While the two photos are not exactly hard news, they serve as a simple reminder of who cares about others and who cares about himself.

Featured image via Alex Wong & Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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