One Simple But Major Thing You Can DO To Show You Support The Troops

If  there’s one thing America loves more than a scantily-clad teenage pop singer, it’s blowing crap up. But if there’s anything that America loves more than blowing crap up, it’s having other people doing the fighting. Politicians (mostly Republicans) love using veterans for political props as much as they love pretending to be working class heroes. It’s a real simple formula, actually: a campaigning Republican dons a flag lapel (the bigger, the more patriotic), appears in front of wounded troops and tries to beat his opponent to saying, “Support the troops!” like it was an auction.

In reality, these chicken sh*t hawks actually support middle class kids doing the fighting while they fatten their defense portfolios.

So with Memorial Day fast approaching and with another Bush trying to shame the Oval Office, there’s one simple thing you can do for the troops outside of getting wasted on a boat. Moreover, the greatest thing you can do for our fighting men and women, past and present, is vote.

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Now you may be asking yourself “What the hell does voting have to do with getting yellow ribbons and supporting the troops?” Firstly, don’t worry — you don’t have to go to the polls on Memorial Day. You can if you really want to, but nobody will be there and you’ll just be standing in a school hallway in the dark. Rather, vote in a general election for candidates that actually support the troops and not just the war. If we truly want to honor the sacrifice of veterans, then we really need to stop making them. This, of course, starts and ends at the ballot box. One of the most egregious and mind-boggling hypocrisies (and in the time it took me to write that the GOP just made another one) is when Republicans cut veterans’ benefits — all while hypocritically draping themselves in the flag and whoring it out like a Kardashian on the red carpet.

After proposing countless cuts to Veterans in the past, Republicans took it upon themselves to once again  cut veteran benefits. Luckily, President Obama vowed to veto the bill and expose Republicans for the cretinous cowards that they really are. But this comes back to my point about why voting is so important.

As of right now, we now have more Republicans running for office than we’ve had actual U.S. presidents. Worse yet, each and every one of them espouses the same neocon and troop exploitative policies. Rand Paul was supposed to be the lone voice of reason on that front, but he, too, seems to care more about his ambitions than libertarian principles.  So, if you truly want to honor the troops this Memorial Day, then be sure to vote in their interests come 2016.

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