Nate Silver Reveals What The Election Would Look Like If ONLY Men Voted… You May Want To Sit Down

Nate Silver Tweeted out two simulations he ran where either only men or only women were allowed to pick our next president. I was expecting that more men would vote for Trump and more women would vote for Clinton, if only because women tend to be more excited about the prospect of a first female president, but the extent to which this election falls along gender lines is shocking.

Currently, Hillary Clinton holds a massive lead in polling over Donald Trump. According to FiveThirtyEight’s latest projection, she has over an 83 percent chance of winning.


But if only men were allowed to vote, the map would be very different. And also terrifying.


Despite Hillary Clinton’s current double-digit lead, if we only allowed men to vote she wouldn’t have a chance at beating Donald Trump in November By a sizable margin, most men in America are going to be voting for Trump. Just let that sink in for a moment. Not just in the south, not just among conservatives, but most American men are Trump supporters.

But if you need a bit of optimism, Nate Silver also tweeted a map showing the results of a female-only election. They seem to know what’s at stake:


This all forces us to ask whether or not Americans – particularly American men – are really paying attention to what’s going on. While it may be the case that women are simply eager to make history with the first woman president, it’s also clear that Trump’s treatment of and comments about women are seen as tangible threats. But more disturbingly, it seems that there are plenty of men who are voting for Trump simply because he’s not a woman.

Featured Image via Getty/Slaven Vlasic

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