Lindsey Graham Can’t Decide Between ‘Being Shot Or Poisoned’ When Choosing Between Trump Or Cruz

There is an ancient adage of indeterminate origin that states, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” While the descriptor “friends” may be a tad strong in describing the relationship between Democrats and Senator Lindsey Graham, there are shared opinions about a few things. During a recent news conference, Graham was asked about his preference between the two current Republican front-runners for president, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Whether it’s death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter? I don’t think the outcome will be substantially different.

To quote the most excellent Keanu Reeves, “Whoa.” But Graham wasn’t finished. Initially working on the assumption that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination, Graham compares the candidates using some choice adjectives to represent each.

Dishonest, which is Hillary Clinton in the eyes of the American people, beats crazy. I think Donald Trump’s domestic and foreign policy is gibberish. I think Ted Cruz has a reputation of being ideological to a fault, and that when it comes to problem solving, he will have a very difficult time proving that he is a problem solver.

Whitewater! Benghazi! Emails! You have to admit that, just maybe, “in the eyes of the public” Hillary Clinton could possibly be defined as dishonest. Oh, but describing the dynamic duo there as crazy, that’s good stuff. Graham continues to berate Cruz and Trump before coming to the conclusion:

That entire package with Trump and Cruz, in my opinion, would make it possible for her, if she’s the nominee… or Bernie… to win an election they should lose. And if you take those two off the table, dishonest loses to normal. So let’s just pick somebody out of the phone book if we have to, we can win this election unless we lose it.

In the eyes of the self-described ‘Reagan-style Republican’, Trump the outsider and Cruz the Tea Party patriot are anything but normal. Criticism was not reserved for the top of the Republican presidential candidate pool. Graham also gave his opinion on Bernie Sanders. After saying, “I like Bernie” he commented on what he perceives as Sanders strategy, and he couldn’t help but throw another punch at Trump.

So in Bernie’s world, the big banks are out to get you and rich people are screwing the system so you don’t have a chance. In Donald Trump’s world, the illegal immigrants gonna sell drugs to your kids and rape your wife. Foreigners are going to take your jobs.

Graham is saying that Bernie is wrong? Oh wait, ‘Reagan Republican’ means he is fine and dandy with the policies that have created an unfair burden on, well, most of us really. I got so caught up in the Trump and Cruz insults I forgot the enemy of my enemy happens to still be my enemy. Graham had another insult for Bernie Sanders, calling him:

By far the most liberal person to ever offer themselves as a candidate in a serious fashion for president of the United States.

Of course, for Sanders and his supporters, this is a compliment.

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