If You’re Not A Right-Wing Nutjob Like Mark Levin, You Don’t Love America (AUDIO)

Right-wing nutjob and talk radio host, Mark Levin, is having a bit of a freak-out over this whole Supreme Court nominee thing. If Obama chooses someone and, God forbid, the Senate approves him or her, Levin believes that will be the end for the Republican Party. We can only hope.

Appearing on Breitbart News Daily this past weekend, Levin told Stephen Bannon how important this upcoming battle over President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee will be. Invoking his God, Levin insisted that the Senate Republicans must “stand up and block” anything that the president tries to do. Because that’s how important things have got done in Congress over the past seven years. Oh, right.

I don’t think we should ram through an Obama appointee in a Republican Senate, for God’s sakes. I mean, I’m sitting here thinking about it, you’re going to hear people say, ‘Well, this is unprecedented if we do this, and the Republicans…’ These aren’t people who really care about the nation the way I do or you do or our audiences do. No, they like the direction of the country, they just don’t think we’re going fast enough or hard enough radical left.

Why, yes we do like the direction of the country, thanks. And, no, we are not going fast enough nor far enough left. But radical? If there is something radical about taking care of the poor, the sick, old and young and the workers, then the greatest accomplishments of this country were radical. If treating everyone equally is radical, then most Americans are down with that. Conservatives, on the other hand, are quite selective about who they care about and who they want to take care of.

As a matter of fact, Levin — and those who share his selfish ideology — are swimming against the stream. Since 1992, when Gallup started measuring the ideology of the American people, conservatives have been losing ground. While self-identified conservatives measure 37 percent, moderates and liberals have been gaining ground. Those who identify as liberal have increased steadily from 17 percent in 1992 to 24 percent today. Moderates make up 35 percent (the remaining 4 percent didn’t voice a preference). The country is moving to the left and that scares the pants off righties like Levin.

Levin views this battle for the Supreme Court as a “litmus test” for the survival of the Republican party:

If a Republican majority in the United States Senate confirms a nominee by the most radical president certainly in modern history, if ever, who has stated his goal of fundamentally transforming America, if a Republican majority confirms one of his nominees, at least in my mind, it’s over.

With some Republicans now backing off the knee-jerk reaction of Mitch McConnell and other hard-liners, Levin’s comments may come back to bite him. Personally, I hope he’s right. I hope this battle destroys the Republican party, either by their confirming Obama’s nominee or their blocking it for no good reason other than politics. In the latter case, I think the American public will have finally seen them for what they are: ideologues and self-centered jerks who don’t give a damn about the country’s welfare.

Oh, no Mr. Levin. We do care about the nation. Very much. We’ve been watching what your chosen ones have been doing to it and we’re sick of their blatant disregard for the majority of us. Keep that in mind.

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