Idaho Pastor In Critical Condition, Shot At Church One Day After Leading Prayer At Ted Cruz Rally

UPDATE: The shooter has been identified as 30-year-old Kyle Odom. He is driving a 2004 silver Honda Accord with Idaho plate K578519. He is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Tim Remington is the pastor of the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. On Sunday, right after services, he was shot as he got into his car in the church parking lot. The shooter is still at large as of 7:00 pm Sunday. Pastor Remington is currently listed in critical condition.

Some in the congregation said that the shooter sat through two services before he opened fire at the Pastor, shooting him 4 times in the back. The shooter is described as a slim man over 6′ tall, with short, curly blond hair and wearing glasses.

Pastor Remington delivered the invocation at a rally for Ted Cruz which was held on Saturday. The pastor is well-known and popular in the Kootenai County area. He runs the Good Samaritan Rehabilitation ministry for drug and alcohol addicts. He has been living in the area for 18 years, offering counseling for many. Parishioners say that they can’t understand who would want to hurt Pastor Remington.

As it always is with shootings like this, many conclusions are jumped to by many people. One commenter at the KHQ-TV website has a theory, however:

It begins...

It begins…

Yep. Trump supporters will, apparently, follow the leader when it comes to saying anything.

Remington is a respected leader in the conservative community. Cruz’s people knew this when they chose him to lead the prayer at Cruz’s rally on Saturday when said rally was hastily scheduled. On Sunday evening, Cruz’s spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, told NBC news:

Our prayers are with Pastor Tim, his family, and the doctors who are supervising his care. We pray for his full recovery and are thankful for the efforts of law enforcement to ensure the attacker is swiftly brought to justice.

I hope Pastor Remington gets well soon. And I hope the man who shot him is captured quickly and with no further incident. I also hope that people don’t jump to conclusions about this but — judging from the comment above — I bet the conspiracy theories are propagating right now.


Featured Image by Allie Norton via KXLY

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