How The Hell Does Alex Jones Get Away With Lying About Hillary Like This? (AUDIO)

Our old buddy, radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones really has it in for Hillary Clinton. He has been ragging on her for years. Calling her names like “Witch” (that is, as most of us know, not really a very potent epithet) and saying that she “turned Libya over to Al Qaeda.” He is one of the head cheerleaders for her to be prosecuted for the Benghazi attack. Ironically enough, for a man who complains that someone else is always lying, Jones is more than happy to tell some whoppers himself.

On Sunday, Jones was at it again, with one of the most jaw-dropping attacks yet. Let me say up front that it would not matter one bit if his allegation were true. But a lie is a lie. And Alex Jones is the prince of lies (the king would be Donald Trump). Jones complained that the mainstream media is “investigating” Ted Cruz’s alleged infidelity — the first I’ve heard of it, actually — but lets Bill Clinton rape women and Hillary cover it up. Hillary has “all those women around her,” he says and is “a known bisexual, probably a lesbian.” But he won’t get into any actual evidence. Instead he says:

Why being in a protected group, sexually, like a lesbian, is she allowed to then cheat on her husband but if Ted Cruz is cheating on his wife, then it’s bad? It’s crazy how the left gets passes on everything… (Matt) Drudge is always pointing out who her girlfriends are and the media acts like he’s making that up. It’s known that she’s seen more tail than a toilet seat.

Wait, what? Hillary is a “known bi-sexual?” Ah, yes. Jones must no doubt be referring to that old rumor that was spread about her by Dick Morris and never proven. Morris used to be a friend of the Clintons until the prostitution scandal drove a wedge between them. But hey, if he used to be friends with them, surely Morris knew the “truth?” I’m betting not. And, further, if Jones is using Drudge as a reliable source, all I can say is that I have a bridge I’d like to sell him.

As for Bill “raping” women while Hillary “covered it up?” Um, proof? Evidence? No…? Then zip it. Must be Jones fantasizing aloud. Maybe he’s jealous that Bill hasn’t made a pass at him.

As I said, it wouldn’t matter one whit if Hillary were bi-sexual or gay. Not to me or to most Democrats. But calling someone a lesbian based on the disgruntled rumor of a man who’s been caught lying since 1996 and Matt Drudge (who’s probably been at it almost that long), is slanderous. If I were Hillary, I’d sue the crap out of both of them. It’s long overdue.

Here’s the audio — with Trump’s surrogate, Roger Stone — via Right Wing Watch (warning: Jones’ voice is painful to the ears, consume in small bytes):

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