Hillary Clinton Tweeted ‘Something Special’ After Private Meeting With Obama (IMAGES)


Hillary Clinton had an unscheduled, private meeting with President Obama Monday at the White House for just over an hour where they discussed a “range of issues.” The spur of the moment encounter was not announced to the press beforehand, but the following picture was released afterwards showing the two embracing each other in a hug, with Clinton praising The Affordable Care Act in this tweet:

16m covered. Young ppl. Preexisting conditions. Women get better coverage. Repeal those things? Embrace them.



Monday was the fifth anniversary of the president’s signing of the ACA, perfect timing for Hillary to show support for it and pander to Obama before here own campaign for president officially commences.

There was some speculation as to what exactly the meeting was about, and Spokesman Josh Earnest provided only minimal details:

As I noted in today’s briefing, President Obama and Secretary Clinton enjoy catching up in person when their schedules permit. This afternoon they met privately for about an hour at the White House and discussed a range of topics.

While Obama hasn’t officially backed Hillary yet, preferring to remain neutral, one can assume that this delicately staged PR campaign, released on the same day Ted Cruz announced his bid for president, is an indication of Obama’s support for Hillary. And, in return, it’s Hillary’s way of saying that even though ObamaCare is coming under attack both politically and legally, she does not intend to reverse everything it has done so far for the country.

That’s a good thing. Because, it works. 

The proportion of Americans without health insurance has fallen by more than a third, reducing the national uninsured rate from 20.3% to 13.2%. Many are saying that this will make it harder for future administrations to undue, since it has been working so well. The Supreme Court is currently considering reversing a vital subsidy included in the reforms, which could threaten it, as well.

In the meantime, ObamaCare isn’t going anywhere, except to scores of more Americans needing affordable insurance. And, the potential next President of The United States, former First Lady, and Secretary of State, recognizes this.

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