Former ‘Apprentice’ Producer Warns Trump: ‘Far Worse’ Info Is Coming (TWEETS)

A week ago it was common knowledge that Trump couldn’t be touched by any sort of scandal. He once bragged that he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and not lose any voters. That’s what makes his fall from grace so delicious. It’s like passing an accident you just can’t look away from, except you know that all the drivers were Hitler. Trump’s voters finally seem to have heard enough from the foul-mouthed billionaire and things have changed for him overnight.

Even after the most recent revelations that caused so many to jump ship, some are saying that Trump’s worst scandals are still ahead of him. Including one of his former producers from the Apprentice:


Just what are these remaining scandals? With a degenerate like Trump, there isn’t much that can be ruled out. He’s already said just about every sexist and xenophobic thing that you can imagine. He may have even raped a woman in the mid-90’s when she was only 13 years old. So what could still be on the way for Trump? I won’t speculate; but whatever it is, Trump knows it’s out there and that it’s about to be released. He’s already complaining about Hillary’s team holding it over his head:


The phrase “drip them out” is supposed to be an accusation. As if the same people who hear all of the awful things that Trump has said and done are going to be floored by the idea that the Clinton campaign would wait to release information until it’s most politically convenient. They’re clearly desperate for some sort of distraction. Or really just anything to fill the awkward silence left when these things come up during interviews.

A week ago he even tried to suggest that Hillary cheated on her husband despite the fact that his affairs are public knowledge. Trump’s campaign is already dead in the water. His supporters have left him, his campaign funds have been withdrawn. But the final death blow is still yet to come. And if we can believe those around him, whatever it is, it’ll be big.

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