Florida Voters Kick George Zimmerman’s Horrible Prosecutor To The Curb

George Zimmerman should be in prison, we all know this. He stalked and murdered a 17-year-old boy then got away with it because of an ineffective prosecutor. But now Florida voters have spoken and thrown Florida State Attorney Angela Corey out of office.

Corey lost her position on Tuesday when Florida primary voters chose Melissa Nelson, a corporate lawyer and former prosecutor, over her. The disgraced prosecutor was largely blamed for Zimmerman walking free after he murdered Trayvon Martin because many people believe she overcharged the racist, wanna-be cop with second-degree murder instead of manslaughter. They also called her case against him “lackluster” almost as if she didn’t really want to send him to prison. In addition to her horrible job on the Zimmerman case, she aggressively prosecuted Marissa Alexander who was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing a bullet at a wall to scare her abusive husband.

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According to reports, Corey was named the “Cruelest Prosecutor in America” because of the exuberant way she prosecuted children, including 12-year-old Cristian Fernandez who was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his 2-year-old brother. According to a report by The Nation:

“During her eight-year tenure, Corey has garnered national attention in a pair of controversial trials. Her press conferences, for which she often wears a large gold cross like a Benedictine nun, have been broadcast nationwide.


In 2010, Duval had the highest incarceration rate in Florida—significantly higher than every jurisdiction of comparable size or larger, even though crime everywhere in the state was at a historic low. Despite this fact, Corey has opposed efforts to change the sentencing structure for nonviolent offenses to alleviate overcrowding at local jails.”

Apparently, the citizens of Duval did not appreciate her love for imprisoning people and stripped her of her power. This should be a warning to other prosecutors across the country: the American people do not want to lock everyone up and we certainly don’t want to lock children up, but if we hired you to put real murderers in prison, we expect you to do your damn job. Doing a half-assed job prosecuting someone like Zimmerman but going after a 12-year-old boy and abused woman with enthusiasm is not acceptable.

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