Even Paul Ryan Doesn’t Know What To Say To The Press About Trump (TWEET)

Despite the fact that it took him more than a month to do so, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan finally endorsed Donald Trump. It appears that he did so because he felt he had no choice; in fact, he told Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd as much this past Sunday. Ryan has spent every interview that involved questions about Trump since his official endorsement of the great orange one rationalizing Trump’s outrageous statements and behavior. Well, it now seems that Speaker Ryan has run out of answers for Trump’s insanity.

Respected NBC News Capitol Hill Reporter Luke Russert asked Ryan about Trump’s latest gaffe, in which he questioned Hillary Clinton’s faith during a meeting in which he was attempting to fleece Evangelical Christians into supporting him, even though even the far right can see that Trump is likely the most un- Christ-like character we’ve seen in recent memory. Ryan literally said he didn’t know what to tell Russert about Trump’s accusations that Clinton’s faith is somehow false:

It seems that Trump’s last rank and file GOP supporter is done talking as well. All of these folks in the GOP like Paul Ryan have endorsed Trump, but those efforts ring hollow, because it couldn’t be clearer that they are only doing so because they think they have to. Speaker Ryan, if you’ve any integrity at all, rescind this endorsement. Man up and admit you made a mistake.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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