Elizabeth Warren Is About To Endorse Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday, June 7, Hillary Clinton is going to win the New Jersey primary, giving her more than 50% of all the pledged delegates. A few hours after that, she will either win or narrowly lose the California primary and that will be the end of the Democratic primaries. Shortly after that, Elizabeth Warren will endorse Hillary Clinton.

This simple set of facts will enrage a number of people but that won’t change the reality that Elizabeth Warren is not going to endorse Bernie Sanders despite their similar focus on Wall Street and the corrupting influence of money.

So how can I be so sure?

First, the fact that Warren didn’t immediately endorse Bernie Sanders tells you that she’s not interested in dividing the party. Her unwavering focus is on the 1% and their puppets, the Republicans. She was always going to fully support whoever won the nomination.

Second, Warren is not an ideologue. She happily accepted being turfed out of running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau even though it was her baby. If being denied the opportunity to personally police the Big Banks was the price to pay for the CFPB to exist, so be it. The work was more important than her.

Third, in recent weeks, Warren has been mercilessly pummeling Donald Trump. She’s currently the Democratic Party’s most effective attack dog in a general election that hasn’t even started yet. Who the Democratic nominee is  is clearly less important to her than keeping Republicans out of the White House. Eyes on the prize and all that.

Fourth, according to the Washington Post:

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told the Globe that the campaign is “in regular contact” with Warren’s team. Clinton’s organization has confirmed as much before on background, and the on-the-record statement can be read as a signal that the two camps are getting closer.

I very much doubt the Sanders campaign can make the same claim. It’s unlikely there’s any ill will there but it’s been very obvious since Super Tuesday that Clinton was going to be the nominee. Why put the time and energy into building a relationship with the person who’s not going to be the nominee.

The bottom line is that Warren is a pragmatic politician. Getting results is, and always has been, her main motivation. She may be to the left of Clinton but if supporting her as the winning candidate will get Warren a seat at the table and a chance to move the country away from the 1%’s control, then that’s what she’s going to do once Hillary is the presumptive nominee next Tuesday.

Look for her to endorse Hillary some time before the July convention.

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