Donald Trump Wants To Close Mosques In U.S. To Fight ISIS

Donald Trump isn’t a man known for his cultural sensitivity, his well thought-out plans, or his maturity. His wall on the Mexican border as much sense as Walker’s wall along the Canadian border: ZERO. His tax plan would probably destroy the country economically. So why should it surprise anyone that his plan for dealing with ISIS would be just as self-defeating?

While speaking with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Varney asked the Teflon Don if he would follow the U.K.’s example of revoking passports from people who’ve traveled overseas to fight for ISIS, as well as close down Mosques.

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Trump felt it was a great idea, saying:

I know they have a lot of proposals over there,” adding, “if you go out, you go fight for ISIS, you can’t come back.” He then asked, “Why can’t you do it here? You can do it here.

Varney was slightly incredulous, and pressed Trump on whether he would close mosques:

Can you do it? Can you close a mosque? I mean, we do have religious freedom.

Trump conceded that he wasn’t sure, but added:

I haven’t heard about the closing of the mosque. It depends on if the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear, I don’t know. You’re going to have to certainly look at it.

He did reiterate that nobody who left the United States to fight for the terror group would be allowed back in.

See, this is one of those things that sounds like a reasonable idea, but it’s really not. First, I don’t think we’ve done anything like that for any other enemy combatant in history. We certainly didn’t do it for the traitors in the South; we welcomed them back as citizens at the end of the war. We didn’t do it for Nazis, either, and we didn’t even do it for the German American Bund.

Here’s a fun historical fact: the German American Bund sent death threats to the two cartoonists who drew a comic book showing a little-known super solider punching Adolf Hitler in the face on the cover.

That super solider? Captain America. The Bund charged that the cover was “insensitive to Hitler.”

Sound familiar? For Americans, the Bund is an anomaly. But also for Americans, what’s happening to Sooreh Hera is indicative of every Muslim, ever.

Second, there are Christian churches that feed terrorist organizations that won’t be shut down. Until you shut down the churches that these right-wing Christian terrorists who fire-bomb abortion clinics attend, I’m not going to believe you’re shutting down mosques for any reason other than being a transparently pandering, yellow-bellied preening cowardly venal xenophobic thug.

Which, really, is the best way to describe Trump’s supporters.

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