Christie Slams Obama As ‘Worst On Economy’ While NJ Economy Is In The Crapper

Chris Christie, although he hasn’t officially announced his 2016 intentions, has been lusting for the presidency ever since he donned that hideous super-fleece during Superstorm Sandy and performed like Mayor Giuliani in the wake of 9/11.

One might actually say that Christie is Giuliani in a fat suit; that is, a blustery regional powerhouse who won’t be able to appeal to the rest of America come primary season. After all, it’s not high rates of poverty, soaring property taxes, and the worst environment for business; it’s backroom deals for Iowa pig farms that New Jersey voters are screaming about.

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Christie, who is basically Jeb Bush but fatter and louder, is part of that very deluded crowd that still thinks President Obama is a job-killing communist who destroyed the economy. For the non-Fox News consuming crowd, we know that President Obama has vastly improved the toilet economy he inherited 6 years ago.

In fact, even Forbes found that President Obama has outperformed Reagan in jobs, growth, and investing. But that certainly didn’t stop the Tony Soprano-lie governor of New Jersey, who is still under federal investigation, from audaciously slamming Obama on the economy.

During his gazillionth trip to Iowa, Christie said President Obama presided over “the worst recovery from a recession in modern history” due to the recovery’s 2 percent annual growth in gross domestic product. Christie, who was actually met by a disgruntled resident of New Jersey at the town hall regarding Sandy victims still being homeless, assumed the cowardly politician stance and naturally didn’t offer a solution on how he would address the economy.

The fact is that we tax too much in this country already, and we tax in a way that’s much too complicated,” Christie said, “We tax that money at every step along the way: We tax it when you make it. We tax it when you invest it. And then we tax it when you die, and then in some states like mine, we tax your heirs who take it after we take money on the estate side, we take it on the inheritance side. (Liberaland)

Of course Christie refused to take any questions from reporters, and the moderator didn’t dare challenge the professional YouTube screamer on if whether he was suggesting a flat tax similar to Steve Forbes in 1996.

As we already know, facts are completely meaningless when you have totally gullible base that only responds to Koch Brother approved dog whistles. For example, Christie presides over a state with the 2nd worst job growth in the country, had its credit rating downgraded 7 times, has the highest poverty in over 50 years, and a governor who broke the law with the pension system all mean nothing when you can snort all the Koch in the world to make you look good.

H/T: Liberaland| Featured image by Michael Hayne of If You Only News

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