Carly Fiorina’s Attempt To Crash Hillary Clinton’s Event Fails Miserably

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only presidential candidate appearing at a Columbia, South Carolina event on May 27. She wasn’t the only female presidential candidate, either.

Clinton was, however, the only Democrat of the two (the event was hosted by the state’s Democratic Women’s Council and its female Democratic legislators, after all). And – wouldn’t you know it? – she was the only serious candidate present, too.

Yup, Carly Fiorina stood outside the Marriott in downtown Columbia, shamelessly attempting to interrupt attendees as they headed into the hotel to hear Clinton’s address, and covering up the tackiness of that approach by calling it a “media availability” ploy. 

The silly stab missed by far, though. Media walked right past Fiorina, and not necessarily to snub her, but because they didn’t quickly recognize her, even though the former Hewlett-Packard CEO formally announced her bid for the White House three weeks ago.

Fiorina did stoop so low as to jump in front of reporters (and, I mean, this close to begging for interviews and photo-ops), but we were all distracted by the person who appeared to be the only supporter of the dark horse Republican. A-yup, an old white guy stomped up and down in front of the hotel’s Main St. entrance, his protruding belly jiggling with every dramatic stomp of his well-worn loafers as he waved a “Benghazi!” sign above his head with both arms.

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It wasn’t like Fiorina was going to be admitted to the Clinton event, but the Democratic National Committee quickly regretted not printing up an additional pass for the lady. Like, if only to make Clinton look even better. DNC national press secretary Holly Shulman said:

We’re always thrilled to have a conversation about Carly Fiorina’s record in business. Her resume is unmatched: named one of the ‘Worst American CEOs,’ drove her company’s stock down 50 percent, shipped jobs overseas, and while she laid off 30,000 American workers, Carly received a $40 million golden parachute upon her firing. With a resume like that, this is going to be one very long and awkward job interview for her.

Featured image by Donkey Hotey via Flickr


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