BREAKING: Bernie’s In! Bernie Sanders Announces 2016 Bid

Despite saying that he intended to announce come May, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) decided to announce his bid for the Democratic nomination for president earlier today.

Bernie told AP and USA Today that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2016.

‘I’ve been traveling around the country for the last year trying to ascertain whether there really is grass-roots support in terms of people standing up and being prepared to take on the billionaire class,’ the independent senator said in an interview Wednesday with USA TODAY as he prepared to officially announce his candidacy Thursday. ‘I believe that there is.’ (USA Today)

Senator Bernie Sanders — perhaps the only sincerely honest senator (other than Elizabeth Warren) who actually serves the interests of the people, always said that he would run if no credible challenger to Hillary Clinton stepped up. And since nobody knows or cares about Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, it’s Bernie or bust.

Bernie, being a self-described socialist and darling of the left, understands that he’s a long shot candidate with little chance of winning. In fact, testicle-flavored ice cream would have more traction with the American electorate than a self-described Socialist winning a general election. If we actually lived in a country with more than two brain cells, and that was a plutocracy, Bernie would be president in a New York minute. But as most liberals know, a Bernie run means he can at least push Hillary on the tough questions, forcing her to commit more fully to progressive ideas and policies.

Even if he could be a hit on the grassroots scene and garner much money in the same way as Ron Paul did in 2008 and 2012, he would still be fighting an uphill battle against Hillary’s established war chest that’s set to be an obscene $2.5 billion (overturn Citizens United, anyone?). Nonetheless, this announcement is good for the Democratic Party and even better for what is a dying democracy.

Featured image: modified by Michael Hayne

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