WATCH: Conservative Pundit Hilariously Destroys His Own Candidate By Accident- Op-Ed (VIDEO)

Throughout one of his recent monologues  Fox host Bill O’Reilly states, over and over again, that Donald Trump is running on an empty platform for himself and without a single suggestion of how to fix things that could ever actually happen. Yet O’Reilly still praises him for opening a dialogue and calling out cowards. He must have done this by throwing tantrums on twitter, calling others names and not having any plans of his own that aren’t unconstitutional and deplorable, and I missed it.

He goes so far as to state that it doesn’t matter if Trump has a plan or not, Republican voters are simply looking for someone to say what they desperately want to hear.

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Even if it isn’t real, even if it is unconstitutional (yes, Bill, if you have to change the constitution to do it, that means it is un-constitutional). Even if it is simply hateful shock-jockery, it sure seems to trip about 25% of the republicans bases’s triggers. He can’t win, he can only give the constituency the wild Maury Povich style stage show they want to see while the time runs down to the 2016 conservative loss.

According to Bill, though, that is just fine and dandy! It seems to me that Trump’s bantam rooster behavior not only fits his hair, it sure fits the entire political philosophy on the right as well. In a glaring bit of confirmation bias, O’Reilly describes Trump’s political philosophy as Trump-ist, not truly conservative. However, we see you, “The Donald,” this is as conservative as it gets. By conservative, I of course mean whining that only people like us belong here, despite what they are adding to the system – oh, and no one deserves any help but them. Trump is more like a 17-year-old with a god complex than the mature and responsible person Bill says this country needs.

While spewing this toxic drivel, Bill tried to slam Hillary Clinton, for the standard reasons, and attempted to make Bernie Sanders appear too  “Socialist” for this country. The numbers say differently; Bernie is currently leading in the polls over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. This was something previously thought ‘impossible.’ I think Bill is wrong about what people want and do not want, it is pretty clear when he says things like: Bernie Sanders is like Trump, just not the Socialist thing.


That, however, was when I realized that Mr. Bill O’Reilly either has no idea what socialism means, or is lying on purpose the way fishermen chum for sharks. I suppose it isn’t required for pundits to learn what words mean, especially when attempting to whip tea-tarded right-wing nut jobs into a feeding frenzy following a mad millionaire without a plan. Especially when one is comparing NO PLAN for the U.S.A. with a plan that has worked well in nations that are #1 in something other than infant mortality and teen pregnancy. (socialism is not what you think it is Bill, you need to go back to school!)

This comparison tries to be favorable to a man who can’t win anyway, by Bill’s own admission, and predictably fails. According to Bill O’Reilly, it would seem that Trump is a man who is brash and without any plan except for getting lots of attention. Bernie isn’t brash or without a plan; his track record for actually caring for Vets, actually fighting the grievous injustices, and actually putting his everything where his mouth is for America is well-documented. All of that, yet somehow a word Bill can’t define makes Bernie an un-electable candidate?

I suppose the heinous acts that Hillary performed would also make her un-electable, if she had done anything at all. The fact that she has been under investigation since 2002 quite clearly shouts one thing: If she had done anything wrong, she’d be in prison already.

The republican ticket looked bad enough  before Bill O’Reilly took Donald Trump down with friendly fire. He might as well have said this:

Oops, now here is some truth.

Oops, now here is some truth.


Watch the hilarity below:

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