Bernie Sanders Is KILLING IT On A Fox News ‘Who Should Be The Next President’ Poll (IMAGE)

Fox Nation is currently holding a poll that asks “If the election were held today, who would you vote for?”

And the current winner is…

Senator Bernie Sanders! By a wide margin, too. He’s leading the poll 41 percent to Donald Trump in second place with 28 percent (at the time of publication). Given that Sen. Sanders is in Republican territory, that’s quite the margin over the GOP frontrunner.

Now, it’s worth noting, online polling isn’t the same as official polling — it can be skewed. The poll has not closed, and Fox Nation gives no indication to when they will be closing the poll, which appears to have been posted on Dec. 2. And I’m guessing Fox News isn’t going to be reporting the results if the winner indeed ends up being Sanders.

Here’s a screenshot of the most current results:

As you can see the other top polling candidates from the GOP are doing abysmally poor in their support. And for a Fox News poll Hillary Clinton isn’t faring too badly. On Fox Nation’s polling, Sanders is also winning the “most truthful candidate” vote by a landslide.

As for official polling, Sanders doesn’t fare so well against Clinton. She’s still beating him by around 25 points in aggregated polling. However, when Sanders is matched up with Donald Trump, he wins by a 13 point spread. When matched up with Senator Marco Rubio, Sanders comes within one point of beating the absentee Florida Senator in the latest polling. Other polling shows Sanders beating Senator Ted Cruz by 3 points. The Vermont Senator also beats Ben Carson and Jeb Bush in polling matchups. So it’s no wonder Sanders is polling so well on the Fox News website.

Official polls also show that a significant percentage of Republicans find Sanders to be trustworthy (30 percent) and a surprising 13 percent of Republicans view him favorably while Clinton only gets 7 percent. His unfavorable rating is at 36 percent — Trump and Clinton’s both sit over 50 percent.

While Clinton is still looking like the obvious winner, trustworthiness and favorability do go a long way and could help the Vermont Senator as Iowa rapidly approaches. Many political pundits insist Sanders’ trajectory shows he’s in it to win it, but that remains to be seen.

But c’mon how punk rock is it to beat the pants off of all Republicans on their own propaganda machine?

Featured Image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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