5 Reasons Sarah Palin Should Blame Bush And The GOP For Her Son’s Problems

This week, while Sarah Palin was endorsing Donald Trump in Iowa, her son Track Palin was being arrested for a drunken assault on his girlfriend, waving around an AR-15 and threatening to kill himself. In a bizarre twist that only Sarah Palin could master, the finger was pointed squarely at President Obama for Palin’s son’s actions. How is this possible? Apparently President Obama doesn’t stand with our troops. She didn’t provide any actual evidence or examples of this, so it is unclear as to what she’s talking about. But Palin does highlight a very real problem with the way our government has historically treated our veterans. The problem is that it was President George W. Bush and her own party she needs to be pointing at.

Here are some helpful examples of GOP hate that hit our veterans:

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1. George W. Bush sent our troops into a politically motivated and decade-long war in Iraq. 

The war in Afghanistan was an easy one to both get behind and for our troops to win. Iraq, on the other hand, was such a nightmare that it has required an American presence for over ten years and helped create ISIS. With an all-volunteer military, this meant that many of our brave men and women have had to serve multiple tours, risk and receive several injuries, and experience more horrors than any person should in their lives. Track Palin was one of those soldiers. He wasn’t sent to Iraq under the Obama Administration, he was sent to Iraq under George W. Bush’s leadership.

If Sarah Palin really wants to do right by our troops she needs to be encouraging her party to stop sending our military into battle unnecessarily. It seems like a GOP debate can’t go by without one of the candidates for president (especially Ted Cruz) making some threat that under his leadership he would attack this country or bomb that one. If they love our troops stop hurting them. Period.

2. The Republican Congress tried to cut benefits to veterans. 

I can’t help but notice that Palin’s level of outrage wasn’t present when it was announced that in 2013 military families became more and more reliant on food stamps. These would be the same food stamps that were on the chopping block for Republicans in the House and Senate. Roughly 1.7 million veterans are on food stamps. Yet, the GOP keeps cutting.

If Sarah Palin really cared about veterans she would stop the GOP from literally taking food out of their mouths.

3. The Bush Administration took $14 billion from veterans and put it into tax cuts for the rich.

Sarah Palin and the GOP lacked any outrage when, after going to war with Iraq, the Bush Administration shifted $14 billion from veterans to tax cuts for the rich. The VA didn’t need a lot of money in the early 2000s because we had so many years of peace time and the number of veterans was dwindling. Until we went into Iraq and Afghanistan. At that point, the Bush Administration should have thought ahead. More soldiers fighting in more wars means more veterans who will need more care in the future. Were they just hoping they’d all just die in battle? Instead, they put substantial tax cuts on the government credit card and took $14 billion from veterans health.  Ronald Conley, national commander of the 2.8-million member, Indianapolis-based American Legion explained

Young men and women go off and fight for their country and are told that their needs will be taken care of. To change the rules on them when they get back is wrong.

This is the antithesis of patriotism and Sarah Palin and her GOP pals did nothing to stop it.

4. The Bush administration told Congress that the VA wouldn’t need any more money.

This isn’t a joke, this really happened: The Bush Administration’s Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs testified before Congress and told them that no additional funding would be needed by the VA. As I said before, we were increasing the number of soldiers being sent into battle, knowing full well that those soldiers would need services when they came home. Congress wanted to give the VA the funding to be able to accommodate the increase, but Bush’s guy said “thanks, but no thanks.”

Where was Sarah Palin to advocate for our troops back then?

5. The Republican Sequester killed mental health funding for veterans.

While Sarah Palin is already taking her limo up to the moral high ground, she should stop by one of the mental health facilities that once helped veterans which was cut due to The GOP Sequester. Or perhaps drop by to visit former Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) to ask why they blocked Sen. Al Franken’s bill that would help give $40 million in funding to mental health facilities that helps veterans.

It’s like Palin and these Republicans are intentionally trying to kill services to veterans so they can point and say “see they’re not working.” You’re right, when you kill funding to the VA, when you refuse to give a little extra help to our troops who don’t make enough money and you block any new legislation that would help address these problems, it doesn’t work. Additionally, you’re not supporting our troops.

Stop lying to our soldiers, our veterans and to Americans that you care about the them. Because the only thing you really care about is waving your flag and patting them on the head, not actually helping.

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