Oops! Ann Coulter Highlights The Republican Party’s Horrible Record With One Tweet

The Republican party rarely gets both houses of Congress and the Presidency at the same time. That’s what Ann Coulter meant to say in her tweet commemorating Trump’s unexpected victory. But she not only got the facts completely wrong but also inadvertently highlighted the right’s less than stellar economic history.


First of all, the last time the Republican’s had a full Congress and the Presidency wasn’t in 1928. They had a stint in the early 2000’s, which is recent enough that Coulter really should remember it.They also had a similar set up in the 1950’s for a couple years. But being way off on the facts is absolutely a must for Ann Coulter. It hardly even matters anymore. If there’s anyone out there who thinks they’re getting the straight facts from her then no amount of fact-checking is going to set them straight.


What’s more comical about her comment is that it highlights the fact that when the Republican party has a full mandate to do whatever it pleases the result is usually economic ruin for the United States. After all, 1928 would have placed this Republican sweep just before the market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression that followed.


And as far as that period in the early 2000’s we see a similar pattern. The Republican party used its sweeping power to uproot financial regulations that ultimately led to the 2008 Recession. So given that the economy has just barely righted itself we should take what follows over the next few years as evidence of a pretty consistent trend. If the economy tanks during Trump’s presidency (or shortly after) it will be hard to argue that full Republican control over the country isn’t a death sentence for the American economy. If we can take anything Donald Trump has said during the election seriously it already sounds like we can expect a sharp increase in the deficit.

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