Ecuador Admits It Shut Down Assange’s Internet Access For Tampering In U.S. Election

The Ecuadorian government have finally put all rumors to rest and stated exactly why Assange is currently without an internet connection.

The Ecuadorian embassy in London says it shut out Assange due to his attempted sabotage of the US election in order to help elect Donald Trump.

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The Government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states. It does not interfere in external electoral processes, nor does it favor any particular candidate.

Accordingly, Ecuador has exercised its sovereign right to temporarily restrict access to some of its private communications network with its Embassy in the United Kingdom.

In other words, Ecuador sees what Assange is doing and isn’t happy.

They also noted, contrary to many conspiracy theories floating around, that this was not a decision made at the behest of the United States government.

It shows how far Wikileaks has fallen. While the organization first began as a brilliant new method of using new technologies to democratize information for all eyes to see, it has since become more about the “messenger” than the “message.” In fact, some of Assange’s antics caused Edward Snowden, the famous NSA whistleblower, to publicly criticize Wikileaks:

And since Wikileaks is proving to be a fractious little infant like Donald Trump, a way more odious and corrupt villain they conveniently leave alone, the “transparency organization” was quick to attack Snowden. Moreover, they went so far as to claim that Snowden, a man who cares as much about appeasing politicians as he does smiling, was being a cheerleader for Hillary Clinton in order to be granted a pardon.

While many of us are quick to blame the mainstream media for a lot of the insanely biased and crappy election coverage we’ve seen this election cycle, some of the counter-culture ones, including Wikileaks, haven’t been much better. After all, your organization tends to lose its credibility after it decides to, say, publish the names of gay Saudi men and rape victims before they could flee the dictatorial country.

In short, can we really trust that Assange is thinking about anything other than himself?

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