Economist Robert Reich Gives 7 Reasons Why Paul Ryan’s Ideas Are Terrible (VIDEO)

Former White House Secretary of Labor, Rhodes Scholar, and prominent economist Robert Reich recently released a new video detailing seven horrible ideas that new House Speaker Paul Ryan stands for, and they’re bad, folks.

Of course, no one on the left was incredibly optimistic when Paul Ryan took over as House Speaker — in his first month he has overseen bills defunding Planned Parenthood, denying Syrian refugees entrance to this country, and is not at all moved to launch a bipartisan effort to examine better gun laws in this country after several mass shootings. In other words, it’s no secret, he downright sucks, and that’s no surprise.

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But Robert Reich points out, it’s much, much worse than the flashy issues.

Here’s Robert Reich’s list of “7 Terrible Paul Ryan Ideas” (video below):

  1. Reduce top income tax rate from 39 percent to 25 percent
  2. Cut corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 25 percent
  3. Slash spending on domestic programs
  4. Turn Medicaid and other federal programs into block grants
  5. Turn Medicare into vouchers that don’t keep up with cost
  6. Raise the retirement age for Social Security
  7. Don’t raise the minimum wage

Reich explains the repercussion of reducing the top income tax rate is a no brainer — the rich will be able to keep more of their money and get richer. Reich says that the rich are living in a time already under the current tax rate that they get to keep a larger portion of their income than any other time in history since the 1920s. And while Republicans like to argue that this will create more jobs, evidence shows that trickle down is just that — a trickle. There is little evidence to demonstrate that making the rich richer increases wages or produces more jobs.

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CNN Money explains a finding by the International Monetary Fund:

In fact, researchers found that when the top earners in society make more money, it actually slows down economic growth. On the other hand, when poorer people earn more, society as a whole benefits.

As for cutting domestic programs for the poor such as food stamps and housing, Reich explains that cutting these programs would only make the problem much worse. Twenty-two percent of our nation’s children already live in poverty. The majority of people on food stamps are children, the elderly and the disabled and Republicans want to kick them off these programs? Bad idea, Paul Ryan.

Turning Medicaid spending into block grants would give Republican-controlled states slush funds to allocate to people on their individual terms. If Republicans in Congress are any indication as to what we can expect from state-level Republicans, this is an abysmally terrible idea. It’s much better to have one uniform nationwide program to keep a level of fairness for the citizens of this country.

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For example, before Obamacare, Arizona, among several states, made several laws denying people Medicaid. Non-disabled, childless people couldn’t get Medicaid for any reason. And guess what? To prove a disability, one has to go to a doctor, so the state was keeping unemployed childless adults from disability and other programs. This is exactly what Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican state legislators have in mind for the future of our country.

Medicare vouchers would keep the elderly from receiving healthcare. As our bodies age and deteriorate there is an increased need for healthcare. It’s an undeniable reality, but what Paul Ryan and Republicans want to do is keep as many elderly people from obtaining ALL of the health services they require. This was illustrated beautifully in the 2012 Presidential election when a commercial aired depicting Paul Ryan pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair off a cliff.

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One of the most telling ideas that Republicans hate the poor is raising the retirement age for Social Security benefits. They’re banking on the fact that the poor will die before they hit that age and won’t be around to collect the money which means savings, savings, SAVINGS! Republicans know that the poor don’t live very long lives.

And lastly, Paul Ryan doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage. Somehow, the Speaker thinks that people living on the bare minimum shouldn’t be eligible for food stamps or housing, but should be able to afford all of that on earning $7.25/hr, which, in most states is a complete impossibility. Facepalm.

But, have no fear! This can all be put to an end in 2-4 years by getting off your ass and voting blue in the coming general and midterm elections. We can take the House and the Senate back and stop Republicans from holding good government programs hostage while only giving welfare to the super wealthy. Vote often, and be informed. Republicans only obtain majority like they have now when Democrats feel apathetic. Well, there has never been a more crucial time to care than now. VOTE! And we can put an end to Speaker Paul Ryan’s deplorable ideas.

Watch Robert Reich explain why “Ryan is wrong”:


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