Obama Hasn’t Acted On Ebola, Conservatives Outraged – Obama Acts On Ebola, Conservatives Outraged

Conservatives are in love with fear.  Fear of crime is why they need to be so heavily armed.  Fear of God is why they need to restrict women’s rights and hate homosexuals.  Fear of terrorism is how they got Bush elected to a second term.  It’s all about the fear.


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Did I mention fear of Muslims?  Yeah, that too.


Ebola has given conservatives yet another opportunity to prey on the fears of their fellow Americans.  It doesn’t matter that ebola came here in a fluke and that the 2 confirmed cases are directly related to that fluke.  No, ebola is here, and it is going to kill us all if we don’t take the most extreme measures possible.

From the beginning of the “crisis,” which would be little more than a news blip if not for the movie “Outbreak,” conservatives have criticized President Obama and his administration for their lack of response.  When a Dallas hospital mismanaged the first case on US soil, Obama was immediately under fire for not personally training every health care worker in the United States on proper ebola protocols.

When a health care worker contracted the virus, the fear spread like wildfire.  The right-wingers called for travel bans and the closing of our borders.  Extremists have gone so far as to blame Obama personally, claiming he wants Americans to get ebola for reasons ranging from a psychological disorder to the inevitable commie police state militiamen who own dogs with flack jackets have been dreaming of since 2009.

The reality, a word unfamiliar to most of these people, is that the President has followed the recommendations of the CDC, WHO and NIH from the beginning.  They’ve stated very explicitly that travel bans aren’t the answer, they’re a hindrance.  Closing the borders and shutting America off to the world would be counter-productive.  The ebola crisis needs the aid and leadership of America along with the assistance of our industrialized allies.  The World Health Organization has stressed that the only way to defeat ebola is to defeat it at it’s core, in West Africa.

President Obama has responded in kind, sending 350 troops to the area already with another 500 set to join them.  Engineers, transportation units, civil affairs personnel, military police and health care workers from the reserves, where the bulk of those needed are enlisted, will be aiding in creating a proper infrastructure to effectively fight the virus and cut it off at it’s source.

Conservative reaction?  Outrage, of course.  It’s perfectly acceptable to adopt the theory of “fight them over there” when referring to the non-existent terrorist threat in 2003 Iraq, but that same philosophy doesn’t hold water for them when this President implements it.

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The Facebook page Conservative Veterans for America, staunch supporters of Bush’s illegal wars, can’t fathom how President Obama could possibly want to administer sensible policies aimed at ending the African epidemic:

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Their followers are with them completely.  They believe stopping Mexicans at the border and quarantining anyone with a fever is a far better response.



Yes, let’s all be outraged and do what Jesus would do, wish misfortune and disease on the President and his family.  Toss in some conspiracy and a good dose of racism and you have just another day in conservative crazytown

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There isn’t a town in California with an airborne epidemic inevitably set to kill off the population.  There’s no magic monkey running around the woods with the antibodies we need.  Firebombing the innocent isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

2 People have ebola.  Out of 316 million.  After Dallas you can rest assured every healthcare facility in the country is prepared.  Our best and brightest are on the job.  Blaming the President isn’t helping things.  Contributing to the fear and borderline panic isn’t merely detrimental, it’s downright silly.

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