Eat It Trump: President Obama’s Approval Ratings Are Higher Than Ever Before

While Donald “Jackass” Trump and the GOP “Insane Clown Posse” are spending infinite amounts of time (and money) trashing President Obama, mistakenly under the impression that Lord Blackenstein can seek a third term, the fact remains that no other President in history has faced such a relentless barrage of blind attacks and vitriol from the opposition quite like President Obama has. In fact, one can only assume that Republicans will go into permanent therapy once Obama is gone in order to treat separation anxiety

Continuously facing a party full of petulant man-children, President Obama has finally discovered that he just doesn’t care what they think of him.  There are no more elections to try to win, so, predictably, Obama is finally taking care of business. He’s making mince meat out of his Republican bete noires and governing by executive action — despite (or in spite of) a non-functional congress — scoring a series of victories that include the nuclear deal with Iran. And the American people seem to dig what he’s doing, according to his latest approval poll.

Believing that President Obama is doing a good job than at any other point in almost three years, Fifty percent of Americans approve of Obama’s performance as chief executive, according to Gallup.

Obama’s job approval rating went up 5 points since the beginning of the year, which is  3 points higher than the average of his weekly ratings for his seventh year in office, according to Gallup. George Bush, having played a role in crashing the world economy and wrecking the Middle East (even more so than it already is), had an approval rating of 32 percent at this very point in his disaster of a presidency. Although I totally suck at math, I believe that’s 18 percent higher.

So while all the unhooded klansmen at Trump rallies are echoing Donald Mussolini’s pledge to “Make America Great Again,” a majority of Americans think it’s ok. Well, America is very far from perfect and it truly needs an enema, but it’s nothing like what Trump is describing.

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