Eat It Republicans: Obama’s Approval Rating On The Economy Higher Than Ever

Let’s face it, folks — Barack Obama was never the “messiah” he was portrayed to be in 2008. He never pooped cinnamon buns and farted “new car smell.”

However, the fact remains: no other President in history has faced such a relentless barrage of blind attacks and vitriol from the opposition like President Obama has.

Call it “Obama Derangement Syndrome” or “Baracknaphobia,” but Obama never stood a chance from day one.  Sen. Mitch McConnell made the Republicans’ mission very clear when he said that their number one priority was to make sure Obama was “one term President.”

Continuously facing a party full of petulant man-children (and now one bereft of a petulant man-child leader), President Obama has finally discovered that he just doesn’t care what they think of him.  There are no more elections to try to win, so, predictably, Obama is finally taking care of business. He’s making mince meat out of his Republican bete noires and governing by executive action — despite (or in spite of) a non-functional congress — scoring a series of victories that include the nuclear deal with Iran.

It appears that his ongoing winning streak is garnering approval from more Americans. In fact the latest Gallup polls says that Obama’s approval rating on the economy is at its highest point in years.

Even though the President’s approval rating has gradually declined in the past, particularly in the middle of 2014, a rebounding economy has Americans trusting the president more than ever before. According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, approval of Obama’s work on the economy is 14 percentage points higher than his career low, 35 percent in October 2011.

To illustrate it further, his approval rating is 16 points higher than George W. Bush’s at this point in his presidency. The 2016 insane clown posse would love for you to believe that President Obama has been an unmitigated disaster on the economy — which keeps morons voting against their own economic self interests — but the fact remains the unemployment rate went from 10.0 percent when Obama took office to 5.1 percent now.

But Republican “Baracknaphobia” is so severe that President Obama could find a cure for cancer, and these duplicitous d-bags would say that curing cancer is bad for small business and hurts the troops.

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