Eat It GOP! Obama Has Taken Fewer Vacation Days Than Any President In A Generation

It seems like it was just yesterday when Senator Mitch McConnell, then just a semi-important, albino turtle, stated that his top priority was to make President Obama just a one-term president the day after he was inaugurated…the first time. Considering he as reelected and is now winding down his second term, it’s safe to assume that President Obama checks out that clip of Sen. McConnell when he’s feeling down and needs a good laugh. For almost eight years, Republicans have been criticizing everything President Obama says and does, and for nearly eight years he has consistently made them look like bratty children screaming on the playground.

Maybe it’s because he always just seems so oddly relaxed, but his more strident critics always whine about him taking too many vacation days. But the numbers, particularly in comparison to other modern presidents, say something different. In fact, they say the total opposite.

According to data from CBS News and the New York Times, Barack Obama is on track to take fewer than half as many vacation days George W. Bush took during his eight years in office. Moreover, President Obama will wind up taking less than half as many vacation days as Ronald Reagan as well. The only other president to come close to matching Obama’s was President Bill Clinton. In fact, if you really want to find a president who’s taking fewer vacation days than President Obama, you will have to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter. And lord knows Jimmy Carter hasn’t stopped working ever since leaving office.

Conversely, members of Congress earn over six figures to work 100 days less than average Americans. And when they’re not campaigning for higher office or pretending to give a crap about the troops at rallies come reelection time, they’re doing anything and everything possible to halt any semblance of progress. After all, if con is the opposite of pro, then Congress must be the opposite of progress.

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