Early Poll Shows Clinton Would Blow Mittens To Smithereens For 2016 POTUS Run

Will Americans get to taste Romney’s sweet, salty tears one more time?

The latest poll by Zogby holds good news and bad news for the loser of the 2012 Presidential election.

That’s right, Mitt Romney, who after saying he wouldn’t run for President again, is expected to make another play for the 2016 presidency, and early polling shows he may have a chance to get to the final round once more.

The poll by Zogby shows Romney ahead of Jeb Bush, another GOP favorite, by just two points. Romney is the current favored candidate; he sits at a solid 14 percent.

However, when compared to the favored Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, polls show her ahead of Romney by 15 points with Romney at 35 percent and Clinton at 50 percent. When Bush and Clinton are compared she leads the poll 49 percent to his 34 percent. Clinton held a large margin over all GOP candidates. Zogby claims there is a plus or minus six-points error in the data.

Between the GOP candidates, Jeb Bush comes in at 12 percent, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is at 10 percent, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is at 8 percent, Mike Huckabee and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are tied with 7 percent.

Trailing in the polls are Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with 5 percent, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and former Governor Rick Perry are tied with 4 percent, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sit at a measly 3 percent of the vote.

While Romney knows he’ll never get 47 percent of the vote, when pitted against Clinton, it’s going to be tough for the bourgeois millionaire to beat her already solid numbers.

Clinton is also eviscerating her democratic opponents polling at 42 percent compared to Joe Biden’s 14 percent, Elizabeth Warren (who is unsure about run for President) at 7 percent, California Gov. Jerry Brown at 6 percent, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at 4 percent.

Clinton polls strongly in every demographic (women, minorities, and unions). Another Clinton in the White House running for President seems inevitable.

How will Mittens handle losing to a woman after losing to an African-American he was sure he could beat?

H/T: Examiner | Photo: New York Daily News 

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