Eagles Of Death Metal Suspends Tour, Releases Heartbreaking Statement On Paris Attacks

Rock band, Eagles of Death Metal has released a heartbreaking statement concerning the attack on their concert last Friday. The band is all safe, but say they lost numerous friends and business associates in the attack. As they cope with their experience in Paris, EODM are forced to suspend their tour.

“While the band is now home safe, we are horrified and still trying to come to terms with what happened in France,” Eagles of Death Metal said in their first official statement since the attack on the Bataclan, where the band was playing on November 13. “Our thoughts and hearts are first and foremost with our brother Nick Alexander, our record company comrades Thomas Ayad, Mark Mosser, and Manu Perez, and all the friends and fans whose lives were taken in Paris, as well as their friends, families, and loved ones.”

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The band thanked the French police, the FBI, the U.S. and French State Departments and “especially all those who were at ground zero with us who helped each other as best they could during this unimaginable ordeal, proving once again that love overshadows evil.” Despite the palpable sadness, the band says that although they are “bonded in grief with the victims, the fans, the families, the citizens of Paris, and all those affected by terrorism,” they are “proud to stand together with [their] new family, now united by a common goal of love and compassion.”

“All EODM shows are on hold until further notice,” the band announced.


At least 80 people lost their lives at the Bataclan, a hefty portion of the more than 120 pronounced dead after the bloody and senseless terrorist attacks — but some, like Pastor Stephen Anderson and his congregation at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, say the crowd who went to see the Eagles of Death Metal are to blame. Though the band’s music is not remotely reminiscent of death metal, Anderson says that people in attendance “love death so much” they should have expected to buy when they “bought the ticket” to see the band, which he calls “total sodomite looking freaks.”

“I mean, that’s what these people should think about before they go into such a wicked concert,” Anderson said. “Nobody should be at a concert worshiping Satan with this drug-pushing hillbilly faggot,” Anderson explained. When IYON pointed out to him that the band is not a death metal band as he claims, he says that it doesn’t matter because the lead singer “likes to go to gay bars” and “is still making light of death and clearly thinks death metal is cool.”

“Truth be told, it was probably worse than a death metal concert, based on what I read about the front man,” Anderson explained. “Here’s a tip for the band: if you don’t want people to think you’re a death metal band, don’t put ‘death metal’ in the name.”

Anderson is of the opinion that France as a whole brought on the attacks because the country supports LGBT equality, that this acceptance of gay people makes them “wicked in the sight of God,” and that “they are suffering tonight” for their “sins” because “they’ve hated the Lord.”

We here at If You Only News wish the Eagles of Death Metal, the families of the lost, and all who have been affected by the attacks only the very best as they grieve their losses. Here’s some of the band’s music because f*ck conservatives like Anderson:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZrctLnsF4M?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=640&h=360]

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