During CNN Interview, Kellyanne Conway Accidentally Spills The Demeaning Name Trump Calls Her

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s beleaguered campaign manager, has had to put up with a series of indignities no person should – and all for the hope of a book deal after Trump’s campaign falls to pieces on Election Day.

However, her gift is to never let the veil slip, even for a moment. She can stare directly into a camera, smile, and lie with not even a hint of discomfort. It has made her a powerful tool for the Trump campaign, which spends nearly every day backtracking or covering up for something their candidate has said or tweeted.

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But things might finally be getting to her. During an interview with CNN, Conway revealed several bombshells that were either intentionally meant to throw Trump under the bus or accidental admissions that hint at a coming breakdown.

In the lengthy, baffling puff piece, Conway admitted that despite Trump’s words on the campaign trail, he really is convinced he will lose the election. He may be a bigot. He may be a sexist. He very well may be a sexual predator. But Trump knows which way the wind is blowing.

Still, Conway insists she’s tough with Trump in private. As an example, she told us what happened when they got on the plane after his Gettysburg speech.

“I don’t sugarcoat at all,” said Conway.

She told him after his off script rant, “You and I are in a fight for the next 17 days.”

When Trump asked why, Conway replied: “Because I know you’re going to win. And that comment you just made sounds like you think you’re going to lose. And we’re going to argue about it until you win.”

How does Trump respond to his campaign manager telling him to stiffen up? He sexually demeans her.

“He was like, ‘OK, honey. Then we’ll win,’ ” Conway said.

“OK, honey?”

It is decidedly not a great look from the man who was nearly laughed off of a debate stage for saying nobody respects woman more than him. Conway may be many things, but she is also a professional – one of the few Trump has managed to hire onto his campaign – and deserves to be treated like one. It also seems to confirm many of the horror stories of women who once worked with him. Trump doesn’t seem to mind hiring women, but he will frequently patronize them.

Hilariously, Conway seems to take pains to patronize Trump back. When asked whether she or his campaign does, in fact, take away his phone to prevent him from, say, gloating after a terror attack, Conway had this to say:

“I’m not going to take away — it’s not for me to take away a grown man’s Twitter account,” she added.

In other words, even a book deal isn’t worth babysitting a sexist manchild who can’t even stop himself from tanking his own campaign 140 characters at a time.

Featured image via Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images

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