Dubya’s Defense Sec Blasts GOP Candidates On ISIS: They Don’t Know What They’re Talking About (VIDEO)

Robert Gates was called on by George W. Bush to serve his country after the mess Donald Rumsfeld helped get us into. During his tenure he was instrumental in negotiating our withdrawal from Iraq and his policies took us from an all-out ground war to surgical assault, which many would say has saved countless lives.

He was so successful that he became the first Secretary of Defense ever asked to stay on by a newly elected president, serving with distinction under President Obama until 2011. His knack for non-partisanship has seen him criticize both presidents he served under as SECDEF, which at least one (his initials are Obama) has admitted had a profound effect on how he approaches his role as Commander-In-Chief.

Needless to say, former Secretary Gates and his opinion are widely considered to be both insightful and professional. Hiss opinion about the way the GOP candidates have said they’ll approach ISIS? “They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

In this video, Gates rolls the entire GOP field of imbeciles into a ball and tosses under the political bus, because the man knows truth and nothing else.

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Watch Robert Gates skewer the entire GOP field of idiots and their ineptitude below:


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