Drudge Report F*cks Up AGAIN, Confuses Huma Abedin With Burmese Politician

If you see a story in conservative media, chances are it first appeared at The Drudge Report. Alleged journalist Matt Drudge has been feeding the circle jerk that is the right-wing press for years. And he has been a pro at the half-truths, distortions and outright lies that become the headlines at Fox News. But recently Drudge and his site have moved to another level, apparently no longer caring to be accurate in any way, shape or form.

The latest example of Drudge’s outrageously sloppy and dishonest work happened on Tuesday morning when The Drudge Report ran a photo that they claimed was Hillary Clinton hugging and consoling a distraught Huma Abedin. For those who may not be quite up to speed, Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide and associate, is married to former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. Recently, after the news surfaced that Weiner was once again sending out pictures of his, er, “wiener” to women, Abedin announced that she had had enough and is filing for divorce.

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Drudge ran the photo of Clinton and the woman they assumed was Abedin over the headline “Weiner Free! Wedding Band Off…” But as an actual, honest to goodness real journalist named Brad Jaffy noted, the photo The Drudge Report ran isn’t of Huma Abedin at all. It’s a shot of Hillary’s meeting with Burmese activist and politician Aung San Suu Kyi.

After the error was pointed out, Drudge or one of his minions replaced the photo with another that shows Clinton and Abedin walking together.

This is becoming a trend with Drudge. He no longer seems to care whether he has any shred of credibility left (he never had much to begin with). No, Drudge, as point man for the right-wing attack on Hillary Clinton, sees taking down the Democratic candidate through any means possible as his prime mission.

Not long ago Drudge fueled the rumors about Clinton’s health by posting a photo of the former Secretary of State being helped up a set of steps. The suggestion was that the photo was recent and that she was being aided in climbing the stairs because she is just that frail — too frail to possibly be president. But the truth behind the photo soon came out. It was snapped by a Getty photographer last winter as Clinton campaigned in South Carolina. She had started up the steps, wearing heels, and because they were wet and perhaps even a little icy, she slipped. Her aides then helped her to the top. That’s it, folks, nothing to see here! But it fed the persistent rumors that Clinton is in poor health that are still being circulated on Reddit boards and right-wing sites.

Why does it matter what Drudge has to say? It’s because, as I noted in the opening, right-wing media is an incestuous family of sorts. Stories will often appear on The Drudge Report, where they get snapped up and reported on by outlets such as The Daily Caller and Breitbart. Then Fox News and talk radio get into the mix. Before long, a half-truth or plain old lie is being reported all over the place as fact, with Fox and all of the sites citing each other. Matt Drudge is the unofficial propaganda minister of the American right. Goebbels would be so proud, Matt.

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