Drudge Report Claims Bill Clinton Has Black Son And Gets Debunked In The Most Embarrassing Way

Matt Drudge is the ruler of the right-wing internet, or at least that’s what he thinks. His site, The Drudge Report, is supposedly where you can get the scoop on “news” that other outlets haven’t reported yet. But it’s really nothing more than a cesspool of lies and rumors. Still, the things Drudge reports on are picked up and reported as hard fact by other right-wing news sources.

The top headline on Drudge for October 3 is this:

Each line on that headline sends you to a different source to read all about the “shocking” claim that the young man in the photo, who goes by the name “Danney Williams-Clinton,” is the son of the 42nd president of the United States.

The story has been around for years, that Bill Clinton fathered a child with a black prostitute in Arkansas. In fact, The Drudge Report ran with it over a two-week period in the late 1990s before it was finally put to rest with a DNA test. As reported in the Los Angeles Times on January 12, 1999,

“Last weekend, Drudge was forced to admit the lurid tale was totally wrong. In the time-honored tradition of rumormongers exploiting their own errors, Drudge told his readers, ‘A stunning DNA showdown came to a dramatic conclusion this weekend when it was learned that Star magazine was in possession of lab results–results that ruled out Bill Clinton as the father.’ Drudge previously claimed to be deeply moved by a preview of ‘a shocking new videotaped confession’ by the boy’s mother, produced by Paramount TV’s ‘Hard Copy.’ However, last weekend, he reported that the story he had done so much to hype was ‘a cruel hoax by the boy’s mother–debunked and flunked by science.'”

Now Danney Williams is back, and The Drudge Report is right there to help him get the attention he wants. Last December Williams created Facebook page to draw attention to his claim. The page is filled with stories and photos, including a number of side by side photos of Williams and the former president. Those photos do show some similarities: both men have two eyes, a nose, two ears, and a mouth. That’s about the extent of it.

Matt Drudge lies so much he can’t even remember what he has said in the past — or he just doesn’t care. But the internet has a long memory, and the revival of this long-debunked story has produced a few reminders that it was Drudge himself who debunked it 17 years ago.

But hey, it has been a long time and there’s another Clinton running for president, so if an old debunked story about the Clintons will help the cause….

The right’s obsession with the Clintons is pathological. Has there ever been another family in American politics that has been the subject of so many smears, without a single one of them ever having been proven? Today’s Drudge headline shows just how pathetic they have become. Not only are they reviving any old anti-Clinton story they can find, they’re even bringing back stories that they themselves have debunked.

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