Drag Queens Performing ‘I Wanna Be A Republican’ Will Make Your Sides Ache (VIDEO)

It isn’t every day that modern politics are set to the music of a “Barbershop Quartet,” but when the Kinsey Sicks, a group of Drag Queens,  do it, it is just pure comedy genius. The girls will have you rolling, wishing, wanting and gyrating to the tune of Americana and small government (all up in that vagina).

I wanna be a Republican, I’m tired of doing what I should wanna do what I can! Grab as much as I can. Keep it all for me, cause life is a party and the Grand Old Party is where I’d rather be!

Even the description of the video on their Facebook page is hilarious:

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Ditch those tired recordings of The Star Spangled Banner and start saluting to the new Republican National Anthem – brought to you by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet, The Kinsey Sicks!

The profoundly pugnacious performance is just the kind of thing that one imagines coming out of San Francisco, which is good because that is where you will probably be able to catch live performances as it is their hometown. Or, if Frisco is a little out of your reach, they have also been on NBC’s new comedy channel, Seeso.

As an aside, if you really like political satire in the form of show tunes (because who doesn’t?!?), check this one out, too.

Without further ado, enjoy the Kinsey Sicks show here:


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